Burial Or A Cremation


Decisions may be influenced by many factors, such as family tradition, religion or the wishes of the person who has died and is often a very personal choice

  • You may already have a family grave or plot. We can arrange for this to be reopened and the headstone removed before burial.
  • If you or your family would like to be buried close by, you may want to consider reserving additional plots, of which we can provide you with assistance.
  • Woodland burials are now available in many areas of the country.
  • The funeral service in a local church or in a cemetery chapel.
  • After the burial, consideration will need to be made as to whether you would like a memorial headstone or a new inscription on an existing headstone.
  • The cost of a cremation is usually considerably less than that of a burial
  • The funeral service can be held at the crematorium itself or elsewhere (for example in church before going to the crematorium).
  • There will be a strict time limit for the length of the service.
  • Once the cremation has taken place, the final resting place of the ashes will need to considered, we can provide you with all of the options which are available to you and assist in facilitating your wishes. Many crematoriums have a garden of remembrance where you can have a memorial.

Whether cremation or burial Melville & Daughters will assist you and your family with all of the necessary arrangements.

Below we have included cemeteries and crematoria in the local and surrounding areas