Testimonial 5

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Testimonial 5

July 19, 2016
Damian and Patricia Melville and Daughters,

Before we make any comments we just want to say a huge THANK YOU!

We don't even know where to start.

Should we start with the warm and friendly welcome and a huge smile from Patricia inviting us into the softly decorated and relaxed office, when we turned up half an hour early for our appointment or should we start with the firm handshake from a well dressed and softly spoken young man named Damian on our third visit.
We can write about all the details that made our visits to Melville & Daughters a straight forward and stress free process but we won't have enough space and time.

However we're going to write about the impressive and thoughtful service packages that you offered which covered things that we couldn't and didn't even think of for the funeral service. We were even impressed with the prices compared to other local funeral directors who actually offered alot less but at a higher price.

All we can say is the professionalism, the empathy, the patience, the calmness and the willingness to deal with external parties on our behalf left us speechless, not to mention the promises of contacting us on certain days and at a certain times which you've always kept.

I have to mention the way you drove into the estate with our beloved on the day of the funeral followed by your limousines which we could tell was carefully planned out and in a very orderly fashion and greeted by VERY friendly, helpful, patient and well dressed chauffeurs. Even though emotions were high on the day those little details put us at ease and reassured us that everything was under control.
You even helped out when someone heels got stuck in the mud at the cemetry. WOW!!

I still have alot more to say but I'm concern about the length of this e-mail.

We were always anxious about funeral parlors for obvious reasons but you've completely changed our minds, you went above and beyond and really exceeded our expectations.

Once again on behalf of the Liverpool family THANK YOU!

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